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Mauli Dhaga-Kalawa

varun mauli dhaga - kalawa
Varun Mauli Dhaga – Kalawa

What are uses of Mauli Dhaga in Hindu festival?

Mauli Dhaga, also known as Kalava or Mouli, is a sacred thread used in Hindu festivals and rituals.

Here are some of its uses in Hindu festivals:

  1. Tying Mauli Dhaga on the wrist during Raksha Bandhan to symbolize the bond of protection and love between siblings.
  2. During Navratri, Mauli Dhaga is tied on the wrist as a symbol of devotion and to seek the blessings of Goddess Durga.
  3. Mauli Dhaga is used to tie the sacred thread around the wrist of the bride and groom during Hindu weddings.
  4. In some parts of India, Mauli Dhaga is tied on the wrist of children to protect them from evil eye and negative energies.
  5. During Janmashtami, Mauli Dhaga is tied around the wrist to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna.
  6. Mauli Dhaga is also used in various other Hindu rituals, such as havan, yagya, and puja, to seek the blessings of the deities and to purify the environment.

Overall, Mauli Dhaga is considered a symbol of faith and devotion in Hinduism and is used in various festivals and rituals to seek the blessings of the deities and to protect oneself from negative energies.

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