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Pooja Ghee – Pooja Samgri

Varun pooja ghee with thali in hand
VARUN Pooja Ghee with Thali in Hand

What are uses of Varun Pooja Ghee?

Pooja ghee, also known as pure cow ghee, is an important ingredient used in various Hindu rituals and ceremonies. Here are ten uses of pooja ghee:

  1. Homam: Pooja ghee is used in the fire ritual known as Homam or Havan. It is poured into the sacred fire to create smoke and flames, which are believed to carry the prayers and offerings to the deities.
  2. Aarti: Pooja ghee is used to light the wicks in aarti lamps. The flame of the lamp is waved in a circular motion in front of the deity as a mark of respect and devotion.
  3. Abhishekam: Pooja ghee is used in abhishekam, which is the ritualistic bathing of the deity with various liquids such as milk, honey, curd, and ghee. It is believed to purify and energize the idol.
  4. Prasad: Pooja ghee is used to make prasad, which is an offering made to the deity and then distributed among devotees as a blessed food.
  5. Puja lamps: Pooja ghee is used to fill the puja lamps, which are lit during puja or worship. The lamps are believed to create a divine atmosphere and ward off evil energies.
  6. Sacred thread: Pooja ghee is used to prepare the sacred thread or yajnopavita, which is worn by Hindu males during religious ceremonies.
  7. Fasting: Pooja ghee is used in cooking food for fasting or vrat. It is believed to provide energy and nourishment during the period of abstinence.
  8. Medicine: Pooja ghee is used in Ayurvedic medicine as a natural remedy for various ailments such as joint pain, constipation, and digestive disorders.
  9. Cooking: Pooja ghee is used in cooking traditional Indian dishes such as dal, curry, and halwa. It adds a rich flavor and aroma to the food.
  10. Beauty: Pooja ghee is used in various beauty treatments such as hair and skin care. It is believed to nourish and rejuvenate the skin and hair, making them healthy and lustrous.
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